Custom Work

We have customized RingWraps for over 60 different schools. Due to the varying designs of different college rings, it is required that you send your ring to our jeweler (with the exception of Aggie rings) so that it can be be molded and custom Wraps can be created. The process will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. There is no additional fee for us to custom mold your ring. Different stones, along with other customization options, are available. The price of the Wraps is dependent upon the stones chosen by the customer. For example, garnets and poppy topaz are less expensive than diamonds, whereas pink sapphires and rubies will cost the same price as diamonds. Contact us for specific pricing information. 

To order custom Wraps, simply fill out this Custom Order Form and follow the shipping directions provided on the form.  Please email a copy of your order form or call (855) 485-RWRW and we will provide payment options. For more information or to learn about our quality assurance please refer to the FAQ.

Below are examples of some of the custom Ring Wraps we have made: